“Many searches are related to longer sessions that span multiple days, with people coming back to Search to find the latest updates on a topic or explore the range of content available,” said Nick Fox, vice president of product and design, Search and Assistant, Google, in a blog post. “We can do better to help in these journeys, so today we’re sharing new features that help you resume tasks where you left off, keep track of ideas and content that you found useful, and get relevant suggestions of things to explore next,” he added.

Google always gave you the option to retrace your search terms via the account settings. But this time a new activity card will show up that aims to pick up from where you left off in Search. This means that when you revisit a query that is, for instance, a month old, Google will then show you a card with relevant pages. It will also tell you the pages you have already visited and previous queries on this topic.

However, it has been cleared that this card won’t show up with all the Google Searches but when it’s actually required. You can remove results from the history, pause seeing a card or choose to completely ignore that card.

Google has also updated the ‘Collections’ feature that aims to keep track of what content you have visited. This includes anything from a website to an image or a video. “Now, with an improved Collections experience, you can add your content from an activity card directly to Collections. This makes it even easier to keep track of and organize the content you want to revisit,” says Fox.

The search giant is making it easier for you to see what information you should explore next. Instead of showing the results within a set of predetermined category, it may soon show you the subtopics that are most relevant to what you’re searching for. This feature will update over time based on the search results and what you search for.

In addition to this, Google has updated its Knowledge Graph to show you more relevant topics that you may explore next.

It has been mentioned that these new features will be reaching end users over the next few months so it may not be there on your devices yet.